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Hosting Terms of Use

General Information

These Terms constitute an agreement between the company OrbitalNet (hereinafter “OrbitalNet”) and visitors (hereinafter “Customer” or “Client”) of the website https://orbitalnet.gr/ or https://www.orbitalnet.gr/ (hereinafter “Website”) and set the general terms and conditions of the use of the services provided through the Website by the Customer.

OrbitalNet operates its dedicated server through Hetzner Online GmbH, located in Frankfurt, Germany. Hetzner’s data center holds the ISO 27001 certificate, a globally recognized standard for information security. For further details, please refer to the following pages:

Shared Web Hosting is exclusively for companies and freelancers with a valid TAX Number. Upon filling out the order form, it’s mandatory to provide the company’s tax identification number to verify the submitted information. Failure to provide this information renders the order null and void. In the event that a retail customer makes a deposit to one of the banks specified in Paragraph 1.2 of the Payment Methods, the funds will be credited back on the next business day.

OrbitalNet provides Shared Web Hosting services to its Clients via its Website, available through subscription plans. Customers have the option to lease space from OrbitalNet to upload and maintain data essential for their personal or professional online activities, adhering to the terms and conditions set forth. This data is subsequently disseminated across the internet utilizing OrbitalNet’s server infrastructure. Customers assure that the content they upload onto the server is prepared and doesn’t necessitate further modifications by OrbitalNet to function properly.

The contracting parties agree and accept the following terms and conditions, some of which vary depending on the service.

1. Shared Web Hosting

1.1 Definition

Shared web hosting involves multiple websites sharing the same server resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disk space. It’s cost-effective as the server expenses are divided among users, but performance may be impacted by high traffic or resource usage from other sites. It’s suitable for small to medium-sized websites with moderate traffic levels.

1.2 Content on Shared Web Hosting

The Customer has the option to upload, store, share, and exhibit various forms of content, such as information, text, images, videos, and other media, on the Shared Web Hosting platform facilitated by the OrbitalNet Website. This content encompasses material published either by the Customer directly or by visitors/users accessing the Website hosted on the Shared Web Hosting service at OrbitalNet. The Customer bears full responsibility for the presence and handling of any content, transactions, and other activities conducted through their Website. Upon uploading content to OrbitalNet’s Shared Web Hosting, the Customer acknowledges and guarantees that:

OrbitalNet lacks authority over the content flowing through its network and cannot assure the financial reliability of any entity within the network, nor the fulfillment of any commitments made by others. It disclaims responsibility for any harm incurred by the customer or associated parties, including data loss, resulting from delays, non-delivery of goods, service interruptions, errors, or omissions. Utilizing information obtained via the internet is solely at the user’s discretion, and OrbitalNet bears no liability for the accuracy or reliability of said information.

To ensure the seamless delivery of Shared Web Hosting services, published content must adhere to legal regulations and ethical standards, avoiding any disruptions to server operations. Website owners bear legal responsibility for their content. Any violations of these guidelines, aside from cases leading to criminal or civil penalties, may result in hosting deactivation and subscription termination without prior notice or eligibility for fee refunds.

1.3 Definition of Unmetered

Having unmetered resources doesn’t equate to having unlimited resources. Instead, it signifies that the customer isn’t assigned a defined disk space or bandwidth limit but is expected to adhere to the current terms and acceptable usage policy. This is to ensure that their activities don’t impede the server’s smooth functioning. The customer acknowledges that they’ll utilize bandwidth and store data essential solely for the optimal operation of their personal or business website.

The storage capacity includes essential files and database tables required for the efficient functioning of the website, encompassing structural components and content files, along with active email accounts. Unmetered Shared Web Hosting isn’t intended for storing inactive or outdated files and emails, backup hosting, or applications, as well as video or audio files meant for archival purposes.

There is no set limit on the traffic allowed. The customer may utilize traffic in accordance with their website’s needs and regular email correspondence. However, it’s prohibited to use traffic from third-party sources such as bots, engage in malicious activities stemming from website violations, or send unsolicited emails (spam).

OrbitalNet retains the authority to inspect every hosting account hosted on its shared servers for any excessive usage of disk space, bandwidth, or other resources that violates the terms of service. Consequently, OrbitalNet may take necessary measures to remove or delete any unauthorized content or deactivate the respective hosting account either at its discretion or upon the request of a competent authority.

1.4 Fair Use Policy

The Fair Use Policy is implemented to protect the quality of the Shared Web Hosting service and prevent malfunctions due to excessive use of the provided resources or incorrect use of the service. The Customer agrees to comply with the following terms.

The customer is entitled to utilize the maximum allocated resources based on the Shared Web Hosting plan they have selected. For those utilizing Unmetered Resources, adherence to the predefined terms regarding unmetered usage is mandatory. If a host approaches its resource limits, upgrading is necessary. Should the hosting account reach maximum limits of CPU, RAM, or entry processes, the website’s operation is automatically halted by the server’s security mechanism handling Shared Web Hosting packages. Normal website operation resumes after a brief interval once resource consumption falls below maximum limits. OrbitalNet disclaims any responsibility or authority in identifying a solution or the source of resource overconsumption, as this falls within the purview of the customer and/or website administrator/developer.

The access credentials for the cPanel Control Panel are dispatched via email to the customer. These credentials enable the customer to upload their website content to the internet. If the client opts not to assign any further server configuration tasks to OrbitalNet, they acknowledge that they possess the requisite expertise for effectively operating and managing their website. Consequently, the client accepts that OrbitalNet isn’t obligated to impart such knowledge, although in exceptional cases and as part of collaborative efforts, support may be extended.

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