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General Information

These Terms constitute an agreement between the company OrbitalNet (hereinafter “OrbitalNet”) and visitors (hereinafter “Customer” or “Client”) of the website https://orbitalnet.gr/ or https://www.orbitalnet.gr/ (hereinafter “Website”) and set the general terms and conditions of the use of the services provided through the Website by the Customer.

OrbitalNet operates its dedicated server through Hetzner Online GmbH, located in Frankfurt, Germany. Hetzner’s data center holds the ISO 27001 certificate, a globally recognized standard for information security. For further details, please refer to the following pages:

Shared Web Hosting is exclusively for companies and freelancers with a valid TAX Number. Upon filling out the order form, it’s mandatory to provide the company’s tax identification number to verify the submitted information. Failure to provide this information renders the order null and void. In the event that a retail customer makes a deposit to one of the banks specified in paragraph 1.2 of the Payment Methods, the funds will be credited back on the next business day.

OrbitalNet provides Shared Web Hosting services to its Clients via its Website, available through subscription plans. Customers have the option to lease space from OrbitalNet to upload and maintain data essential for their personal or professional online activities, adhering to the terms and conditions set forth. This data is subsequently disseminated across the internet utilizing OrbitalNet’s server infrastructure. Customers assure that the content they upload onto the server is prepared and doesn’t necessitate further modifications by OrbitalNet to function properly.

The contracting parties agree and accept the following terms and conditions, some of which vary depending on the service.

1. Financial Terms

1.1 New Order and Renewal

The Customer has the possibility to order the Shared Web Hosting package he wishes through the Website order form or through telephone communication by choosing one of the standard packages offered by OrbitalNet. The customer must settle the financial outstanding balance of his new order within 2 calendar days from the day of the order. If the order is not paid after the above period of 2 calendar days, the order is completely deleted from the OrbitalNet system without further notice. After the Customer’s payment and its confirmation by OrbitalNet, access to the cPanel control panel is carried out as stated in the Terms of Use, in paragraph 1.4 Fair Use Policy.

To renew an active Shared Web Hosting service, the Customer must settle the associated fee before the subscription expires. Should payment not be received by this deadline and in the absence of any alternative instructions from the customer, the hosting undergoes temporary deactivation (Suspension) without prior notice. During this period, the OrbitalNet page is displayed in place of the Customer’s Website, with no alterations made to the existing data on the hosting. If the Customer fails to contact OrbitalNet to reactivate the service within 5 calendar days from the termination date, the hosting is permanently deleted from the company’s server. However, backup copies taken prior to the termination are retained on the OrbitalNet infrastructure for a maximum duration of 2 Weeks.

1.2 Payment Details

You can make a payment via bank deposit to one of the following banks:

Beneficiary Details – Arvanitidis Vasileios Dimitrios

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